Summer; Time to Snuggle in Front of the Fireplace?

Snuggling in front of the fireplace in the Summer time, have you lost a few screws in your head? I bet that’s what you’re thinking right? Nowadays, there are many people enjoying sitting in front of a fire on a summer night. Not only is it romantic, but it helps with clearing our mind and relaxing our body and soul. Watching the fire dance on a quiet summer night inside your home is a great way to bond with family and friends as well. There are other reasons people prefer wood burning fireplaces and stoves over electric items. Some of which include offering homeowners, renters and business owners the ability to save thousands on utilities each year.

Utility bills are bank breakers! Why not bury them six feet under?

Having a utility bill averaging around $10 to $40 per month is not that bad right? Well, if you have a wood burning stove your monthly utility bill could be that. In fact, in recent studies, users of wood burning ovens have been able to save up to 80% on utility costs. Eliminating the use of an electric range will also eliminate costly billing increases as the years go by and best of all you will be able to use your wood burning oven without having to worry about watt overages.

Carbon Footprints:

CO2 plays a vital role when it comes to putting humanity in danger and, whether you knew it or not, dead and burned trees are known for releasing CO2 into the atmosphere. In order to neutralize released CO2, we must consider planting new trees as they reabsorb CO2 before it takes a toll on the atmosphere. The next best thing about planting new trees is that it takes a tree a decade or so to become fully grown thus forcing us to turn to manufactured wood pellets and wood chips. The use of manufactured wood pellets and wood chips eliminates high levels of CO2 and excessive cutting down of trees. In other words, as the years come and go we won’t completely rely on trees for fuel and other materials.

Think about the future!

No matter where you live, there will be a time where you will experience a blackout! Where there’s power, there is a chance that for a period of time you will have to live without lights from a few hours up to a few weeks, depending on the severity. With a wood burning oven, you will be able to prepare food or enjoy the warmth from the dancing flames.