Fire Magic Gas Barbeque Grill Echelon 660s Cart


Fire Magic Echelon has taken premium grilling to the next level. The Echelon series (formerly Magnum) is availble in the following sizes : Echelon 660 (22×36), Echelon 790 (22×18) and Echelon 1060 (22×48). The Echelon won the prestigious Vesta award for the best new gas grill on the market.One of the smartest innovations (they should have one the Vesta just for this) is the rotisserie rod storage. If you have ever owned a grill with a backburner, you know how hard it is to find a place for your spit rod.. They have cleverly stored it right behind the hood! Each Echelon hood is spring assisted (Feather Lite) so even on a massive hood that is on this size grill, all it takes is one finger to open or close.

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