Annoying After Fire Odors can be a Sign of Something More Serious

There’s no more soul satisfying feeling than that of sitting by the open wood burning fire on a cold winter’s night.  But when your fire burns out there are lingering fire odors around the house the next day, you may have a problem.  It’s normal for a little smell to linger after a fire goes out, but if it’s hanging around too long, have the chimney checked by a certified professional for the following problems:

  • Debris – sticks or leaves collect on the chimney top, disrupt airflow and left to decompose, will radiate a rotting odor.  A new chimney cap may prevent this debris from settling in and causing future problems.
  • Chimney caps in good condition will prevent animals such as small rodents, birds, bats, or snakes from getting down there and getting stuck.  When they die and begin to decompose, the smell will become extremely foul.
  • Moisture and creosote make bad company when it comes to causing fireplace odors.  This odor can intensify, especially during the summer if you moisture is getting in via structural damage.  Only a professional chimney sweep can diagnose these problems and deal conclusively with the need to repair the damage, add a leak proof cap, or waterproofing the chimney.
  • Have your chimney cleaned regularly.  Your professionally cleaner will advise you how often you need to have this done, depending on your appliance, chimney conditions, and how much wood you burn.  A build up of creosote can not only cause a lingering odor, but when it accumulates, it is extremely combustible.  Ignoring this rule can cause a damaging chimney fire.
  • A proper functioning chimney will pull the smells from the fire out into the air to dissipate.  If the odors are drifting inside, you may have negative air pressure, creating a reverse draft.  This can be prevented by closing the damper when the fireplace is not in use.  There are top dampers to create a better seal or you can have glass doors put on the fireplace.

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