39″ Deluxe Built-In Electric Fireplace with Purifire BF39DXP

39″ Deluxe Built-In Electric Fireplace with Purifire BF39DXP



Dimplex built-in fireplaces add a modern touch to any living space. Patented flame technology, developed by Dimplex, is unmatched in the industry. Providing all the ambiance of a wood fire, the built-in fireplace is also easy to install. Quick and inexpensive installation makes Dimplex built-in fireplaces the ideal choice for renovation and construction projects with dual voltage wiring capability at 120 or 240/208.

  • Built-in Purifire™ air treatment system. Capable of independentcontrol of Purifire.
  • Operates with flame only or with flame and heat.*
  • Easily accessible manual controls – heater on/off and flameon/off.
  • Breakthrough air treatment system cleans 24/7. Uses a standard size10” x 20” high-efficiency, washable filter.
  • Air filter operates with the heater or may be run with the air-circulating fan only to provide continuous, quiet cleaning.
  • Exceeds MERV 10 (Min. Efficiency Reporting Value) rating – filtersallergens as small as 1 micron.
  • Circulates and cleans the air of an average room four times per hour.(Based on 12’ x 14’ room)
  • Filter needs to be washed/replaced only once per year onaverage.


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