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Retractable Awnings And Retractable Shades

If you are looking for a custom made shading system for your home or business we are your source for shading solutions. Add outdoor living space, reduce energy cost and provide protection from the suns harmful UV rays for your family, customers and furnishings with our contemporary shading structures. Come by our showroom and see how great they look.

Eclipse® Retractable Awnings

Eclipse Butterfly


Our newest shading development is the Eclipse Butterfly, a free standing, back to back retractable awning system. This unit can mount on a wood or concrete surface to provide you a safe haven from the sun… just about anywhere you need shade – by a poolside, an outdoor café or more! The Eclipse Butterfly is motorized for easy operation and can include Somfy wind sensors for added protection.

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Eclipse E-Lite - A Quality Awning At An Affordable Price


An Affordable Awning, the E-Lite, gives you the quality you come to expect from Eclipse Awning Systems at a price that is gentle on your pocket book. This solar shading system can be had as a motorized or manual awning.

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Total Eclipse® - Long Projection Motorized Awning


The Total Eclipse® is the perfect shade structure for the sun protection of large spaces.gogoexam
These custom made awnings are just the thing to cover a large patio or deck living space. Additionally, The Total Eclipse® can be used as a commercial awning application for an outdoor dining area protection.

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Eclipse Sc® Semi Cassette Retractable Awning


The Eclipse SC is a retractable awning system whose sleek design allows for increased protection of your fabric. Guarding the awning fabric from the elements when the unit is retracted, it is ideal for roof mount applications. Homeowners and business owners alike will enjoy the clean lines and added security the Eclipse SC retractable awning provides.

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Eclipse® Motorized Retractable Awnings


The Eclipse® patio and deck awning is our most popular home awning. This awning can be mounted on a wall, under a soffit or with our specially designed brackets you have this awning roof mounted. With the Eclipse® you have a neat, clean look whether the awning is extended or retracted. There are no poles and the awning rolls up with the push of a button and is self-storing.

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Eclipse® Window Awnings

Eclipse® Window And Porch Awning


The Eclipse Drop Arm Awning is made specifically for your windows and porch openings. This type of awning allows you to shade those sunny areas and to raise the awning to enjoy the warmth of the sun during cooler times.

Our extremely versatile Drop Arm Awnings:

  • Can drop all the way down for full porch or window coverage.
  • Will reduce energy costs by cooling the interior of the structure.
  • Provides shading for low angle sun.
  • Can be dropped for window and porch privacy.
  • They can be raised up when not needed maintaining your view

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Eclipse® Exterior Screens

Eclipse® Traclock Solar Shade And Insect Screen


Our newest retractable outdoor solar shade is the Eclipse TracLock Shading / Security system. The TracLock can be mounted on the outside of any structure and can expand your outdoor living spaces – but with a twist – the screen fabric sides are locked into the side tracks when extended, creating a virtual bug free environment. The TracLock is strong enough to stop golf balls (important if you live on a golf course) and other obstructions from entering your home.

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Eclipse® Titan Retractable Solar Screen


The Titan Solar Screen Shade from Eclipse can be used for applications as wide as 21 feet with maximum drops of 16 feet. The motorized operation is controlled from the inside of the home although the solar shade is mounted on the outside.

Our Solar Shades allow you to enjoy the sun while indoors, but on your terms. Protect yourself and your furnishings from sun glare and damaging UV rays with the touch of a button.

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Eclipse® Exterior Retractable Solar Screen


Our Exterior Retractable Solar Shade blocks up to 90% of the harmful UV rays from entering your room. They will reduce glare on furnishing such as TV's and computer monitors and limits fading of furniture, carpet, artwork and hardwood flooring.

Your cooling costs can also be reduced by 40% as well. Operated on the inside and mounted on the outside, our exterior solar shades will maximize your comfort and keep your view.

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Eclipse® Vertical Drop Solar Shade


Our Vertical Drop Solar Screen Shade can be mounted on the outside of any structure and can expand your outdoor living space. These Exterior Retractable Solar Screens stop up to 90% of solar UV rays; we even offer a 100% sun block system. For a cool room with a cool view, enjoy a retractable solar screen shade from Eclipse Awning Systems®.

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Eclipse® Interior Shades

Eclipse® Interior Heavy Duty Solar Shade


Our Heavy Duty Interior Solar Shade is available in widths up to 14 feet with maximum drops up to 16 feet. The Eclipse Heavy Duty Interior Solar Shade is widely used for residential and commercial applications.

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Eclipse® Interior Light Duty Solar Shade


This Solar Shade is available in widths up to 12 feet with maximum drops up to 10 feet. The light duty interior solar shade will reduce your cooling costs and keep the view free from glare and obstruction.

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Somfy Electronic Accessories


Maximize the use of your motorized Eclipse retractable awning or solar screen with wirefree electronic accessories. These sensors work in conjunction with your motorized awning or solar screen to increase your units' efficiency while adding a level of protection from changing weather conditions.

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Eclipse® Solar Beam Infrared Heater


Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Longer with an Eclipse Solar Beam Infrared Heater. This safe and effective outdoor heat source allows you to control the amount of heat desired at the touch of a button.

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Lunar Eclipse® Lighting Package


Enjoy "moonlight on demand" by adding this accessory to your Eclipse retractable awning. The Lunar Eclipse Light is secured to the inside front bar and emits a soft natural glow, perfect for evening entertaining.

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Eclipse® Drop Shade


The Eclipse Drop Shade is an often requested accessory to our Eclipse®, Eclipse Cross Arm and the 13 foot Total Eclipse® products. The Eclipse Drop Shade option allows you to extend a shade 59" vertically from the front bar.

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