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Tips For Fireplace Safety

There’s no time like the holidays for gathering around a cozy fire. The flickering light, the dancing flames, the … wait, why’s it so smokey in here? A poorly maintained or improperly used fireplace can be dangerous. Here’s how to enjoy your fire safely. Tips for fireplace safety 1. Have your fireplace cleaned and inspected […]


Outdoor Fireplaces

How A Fireplace Insert Can Warm Up Your Home

When it gets cold in Hamilton, NJ, your thoughts turn to warming things up with your fireplace. But you never use it because it’s hard to maintain and inefficient. If so, a fireplace insert could be the answer. What is a fireplace insert? The fireplace insert is a device inserted into an existing fireplace. It’s […]


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Wood Stove Safety 101

Wood stoves are often a more efficient way to heat your home than traditional fireplaces. Many wood stoves can even provide warmth for more than one room. Yet, more than 4,000 residential fires each year are started by wood stoves. To keep your wood stove operating safely, consider these tips: Check with your local fire […]


Eco Friendly Fireplaces

Wood-burning stoves and traditional fireplaces have kept families warm for centuries. But natural-gas fireplaces have gained popularity because of their simplicity and minimal maintenance. In today’s environmentally conscious world, which fireplace is truly more eco-friendly? There’s nothing like building a fire in your fireplace, listening to it crackle through the night, and enjoying its warmth. […]