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Blaze King Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts

Briarwood II wood burning fireplace insert


Affordable and perfect for a small home as a supplemental heat source. Produces up to 40,000 Btu’s per hour. Zone heating has been proven to significantly reduce winter heating costs. The Briarwood stove and Briarwood insert are perfectly suited to zone heating. The Briarwood insert is approved as a masonry fireplace insert or can be used with any manufactured fireplace rated to U.L.127

Princess - PI1010A


A large viewing glass door allows the fire to be seen from different angles in the room, creating an atmosphere of an open fireplace. The warmth and beauty of the fire can be highlighted with the addition of the optional gold or satin plated door trim.

Fireplace Xtrordinair Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts

Flush Wood Plus, Cape Cod

Flush Wood Plus, Cape Cod (Lopi)

Enjoy higher efficiency and lower heating bills with Lopi’s Cape Cod, the most beautiful flush cast iron wood burning fireplace insert on the market. The classic cast iron design and large viewing area of the single door are complementary to almost all interior designs. The Cape Cod insert features a 5-sided convection chamber, 6” seamless flue collar and masonry fire brick interior, making the insert superior in quality with exceptional heat transfer.itfinal

Large Flush Wood Hybrid-Fyre™ Insert

Flush Wood Plus, Cape Cod (Lopi)

Large Flush Wood Hybrid-Fyre Insert with Single Rectangular Door This large fireplace insert features the exclusive clean burning Hybrid-Fyre Technology. Hybrid Technology is a fusion of known wood combustion (kiln fired firebrick, stainless baffles, and stainless steel secondary combustion air tubes, with the addition of our catalytic assist technology. Primary combustion burn occurs in the firebox with our secondary tubes re-burning gases before they leave the firebox, we are then making those same gases pass through a catalytic combustor leaving virtually no smoke to exit the appliance. The net result of this is a super clean burning insert, with emissions of just .58 grams per hour. Also with that reduction in emissions comes almost zero carbon mononxide remaining through all burn cycles. We are taking clean burning to an unmatched level of efficiency. Our overall efficiency for this Large Flush Wood Hybrid-Fyre Insert is over 80%. What this means is more heat from less wood, and greater savings on your heating cost! This insert will heat up to 2,500 sq feet, with up to 10 hour burn times.

FPX 33 Elite Insert


The high-performance heat and superior design of this fireplace insert are truly out of the ordinary. Our exclusive flush-to-the fireplace design enhances the beautiful lines of a classic fireplace and provides modern heating efficiency. The huge view of the fire through our large double doors remains clear thanks to our air wash system. The 33 Elite also features a variable speed, high volume blower which can utilize the hard-wiring option kit to preserve the classic good looks of your existing fireplace without a power cord showing on the hearth. Heat a room or a home up to 2,000 square feet with less wood and longer burn times for an elite heating experience.
Unmatched Performance and Ease of Use.

Manage combustion air flow with only one control for maximum ease of use. The draft by -pass damper ensures quick fire start-up and smokeless refueling. Our blower rheostat location on the side of the panel trim is convenient and unobtrusive.

Lopi Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts

Jøtul Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts

Jotul C 350 Winterport


Clean lines and delicate curves frame the magnificent fire view of our new flush face wood burning insert - The Jotul C 350 Winterport. Named after the coastal Maine town of Winterport, the Jotul C 350 Winterport, is the perfect small-to-medium heater that can retrofit into many factory built fireplaces.

  • Standard twin blower fans (110 cfm)
  • Full view air washed glass provides a clear view of flames
  • Proven spring-loaded door latch system recognized as the industry's finest
  • Clean face look with Jotul's signature Gothic arch
  • One air control lever easily operates the entire stove
  • Jotul Simplex™ non-catalytic clean burn system puts more heat into the room without sacrificing fuel load capacity
  • 5 year limited warranty

Jotul C 550 Rockland


Clean lines and delicate curves frame the magnificent fire view of our new large flush face wood burning insert - the Jotul C 550 Rockland. Featuring one of the largest fire viewing areas of any comparable sized wood burning insert, the Jotul C 550 Rockland incorporates the Jotul Simplexä clean burn combustion system that maximizes heating efficiency and firebox capacity.

  • Standard twin blower fans (180 cfm)
  • Premium "flush face" design
  • Removable pull down flue adaptor
  • Air washed glass provides a clear view of flames
  • Patented Jotul spring-loaded door latch system
  • 5 year limited warranty

Jotul C 450 Kennebec


Jotul's signature Gothic arch double door design has been incorporated into our new wood burning insert - The Jotul C 450 Kennebec. Our cast iron designers and our talented product development team took great pride in designing the Kennebec to allow for over 20% more fire viewing area than its competitors. With its new classic cast iron surround panel, the Kennebec is a medium-to-large heater that will add warmth to your hearth, heart and home.

Vermont Castings Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts

Merrimack Wood Burning Fireplace Insert


Today, we’ve woven together a wood burning heritage with contemporary concerns for the environment by creating the Merrimack wood burning fireplace insert. The Merrimack insert turns your wood fireplace into a high efficiency centerpiece, adding the warmth of wood fire and the classic beauty of forged cast iron to your most important gathering place.

The EPA certified Merrimack is among the cleanest burning wood inserts available and offers an amazing array of features and benefits. Bring a piece of this heritage home and you’ll find that the warmest seasons of the year are the ones you spend gathered together.

Montpelier Non-Catalytic Wood Burning Insert


Imagine an economical, highly efficient, environmentally friendly way to bring heat and comfort to your home. That’s the Montpelier wood insert from Vermont Castings – a wood stove that fits into your fireplace! It’s EPA certified to be among the cleanest burning wood inserts available, and includes an amazing array of features and benefits. The firebox, front, and door are constructed of the finest cast iron materials from our Vermont foundry and can provide even heat for up to ten hours. Included is a quiet, high volume, variable speed fan that circulates significantly more heat back to your home than traditional wood inserts. A removable baffle enables easy cleaning. Rear wheels make the Montpelier easier to install.


Solution Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts

Solution 2.3-I Wood Insert

Solution 2.3-I Wood Insert

The Solution 2.3-I insert uses the same stove line as the Solution 2.3, and the two share the same high quality combustion properties and many of the same features. Solution 2.3-I comes with a standard high-power, heat-activated 120 CFM fan strategically positioned to redistribute the heat from the firebox into the room. It is designed to fit a face plate that can cover a masonry hearth up to 32 inches (81 cm) high and 50 inches (127 cm) wide. The door overlay can be matched to the face plate trims, which are available in black, brassy gold and nickel.

Solution 1.8-I Wood Insert

Solution 1.8-I Wood Insert

The Solution 1.8-I insert, as its name suggests, was developed from the same liner as Solution 1.8. The superior quality combustion and several other features are identical to its free-standing namesake. Solution 1.8-I comes standard with a powerful, heat-activated 120 CFM fan strategically positioned to redistribute the heat from the firebox into the room. It is designed to fit a face plate that can cover a masonry hearth up to 32 inches (81 cm) high and 50 inches (127 cm) wide. The door overlay can be matched to the face plate trims, which are available in black, brassy gold and nickel.

Solution 2.0-I Wood Insert

Solution 2.0-I Wood Insert

The Solution 2.0 is the obvious solution for smaller masonry hearths. With its back face at a 45º angle, it allows an extensive array of configurations. For example, the design of this wood insert requires a minimum fireplace depth of only 10 inches ! Like the other Enerzone wood inserts, you can customize it with the door overlay finish and faceplate trim of your choice (available in black, gold or brushed nickel plated). The Solution 2.0 also comes with an impressive 120 CFM blower. The 70,000 BTU of heat that Solution 2.0 provides will amaze any wood heating aficionado.

Destination Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts

Destination 2.3-I Wood Insert

Destination 2.3-I Wood Insert

The Destination 2.3-I insert is really a blend of technological improvement and design advancement. It first started with the choice of cast iron as the material of choice for the smooth, contemporary surround. The faceplate was then developed to allow a flush finish with the masonry fireplace. Insertion into larger openings is facilitated by the installation of an optional sheet metal backing that conveniently attaches to the cast iron faceplate. Maintenance of electrical components was made easy with the conception of a slick, drawer-like system to which the blower assembly attaches. The blower assembly (110 CFM) is equipped with a heat sensor and a switch that can be set to automatic, manual or OFF position.

Destination 1.5-1 Wood Insert


A modern and ecological wood insert, is it possible? With the Destination 1.5, dreams come true! This unit’s combustion chamber of 1.5 cubic-feet offers a maximum output of 65,000 BTU/h and one of the lowest emission rates at 2.6 g/h. The Destination 1.5 will allow you to admire the fire in the comfort of your living room thanks to its panoramic, clean face. An optional 120 CFM blower is available to maximize the heating performance of this contemporary insert. When installed without the blower, this appliance can be inserted in a masonry opening of only 20” high.

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